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Peach E Pawtraits

"..Sometimes I also draw Tiny Humans!"

"..Sometimes I also draw Tiny Humans!"

"..Sometimes I also draw Tiny Humans!""..Sometimes I also draw Tiny Humans!""..Sometimes I also draw Tiny Humans!"
This Is Boomer Bowen, Our CSG (Chief Spokes Dawg), Our Four Legged Family Member, and Rescue Pup!

Weird Name, Fun Company


Pawtraits With "Catitude" and a “Dogged” Determination

Peach E Portraits are distinct, loving, personable and playful animal and “tiny human” portraits created by local illustrator, Erica Ramsey-Bowen, who lives and resides in Smyrna, Georgia.

This website is still evolving as we add new works, so please stay tuned for more details!


You Provide Your Photo, We Create The Keepsake!

What's more fun than your parakeet?  How about an illustration of your parakeet decked out in aviator glasses and a scarf, soaring the clouds?

Or what if your Labrador (who loves the mailman) is shown in a parcel delivery truck - driving it?

Nothing is too fun, too whimsical, too outlandish for me to draw for your keepsake!

A Furever Friend

I have a Maltie - he's my boss - and I love drawing him and my cross-eyed Ginger Kitty, Chloe Katz.

They are rescues and my initial inspiration for Peach E Pawtraits.

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Peach E Pawtraits

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